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Our Curve Cowboy Experience 2007

The 2007 Curve Cowboy Reunion motorcycle rally!!!
Woody and I were looking for something different from the usual fare for a motorcycle rally? An event that is geared to the rider as well as the passenger? We were tired of riding thousands of miles only to find yourselves camping on the ground in the rain and longing for the luxuries of a first-class hotel, room service, spa, or a heavenly bed? We found all we were looking for and more at the Curve Cowboy Reunion. Some have asked about our journey. Here is a day by day journal we kept. Please keep in mind this journal was only for ourselves and not originally written for publication.
Curve Cowboy Reunion (CCR) Background Information
The Curve Cowboy Reunion is open to anyone with neither brand nor model of motorcycle being defining criteria. The event will however, be predominantly populated by the BMW range of Luxury Touring Motorcycles, and derives it's history from the BMW Luxury Touring Community at www.bmwlt.com (formerly the K1200LT Group at YahooGroups).

If this is something that sounds like what you've been looking for, please take a virtual tour of the reunion by visiting the rest of our website, or feel free to join us over at the BMW Luxury Touring Community and the Curve Cowboy Reunion Message Board.

A Journal by Karen Woodruff
August 11, 2007 well, we’re two weeks away from our “Big Trip” to Osage Beach, Missouri and Woody is doing maintenance on the “Fat Girl”, an affectionate name given to our K1200LT. I’m not so sure that she’s going to get back together in one piece. What do you think?

August 18, 2007 it’s now one week away and things are looking up and I wonder why I ever doubted that the Woodman would be able to get the “Fat Girl” back together in one piece with no left over parts.

The big day has arrived and on the early morning of August 25, 2007 Woody and I are on our way to a well deserved long over due vacation of a life time. Our final destination is to the Curve Cowboy Reunion 2007 in Osage Beach, Missouri. The first stop of the day was for breakfast at the Bowling Alley in Blanco, to meet with the LT group some of the group are leaving on Sunday and will meet us at the Queen Wilhelmina Arkansas State lodge. Now that our stomach’s are full we’re on our way to Burleson, Texas to stay overnight with Ken, Robin, and Toots. Once we left Blanco we took Route 281 temperature is about 70. The ride is great the “Fat Girl” is doing well even though she has a big load. After several hours it’s time for a pit stop in Hico, Texas and some lunch where we stop at the Koffee Kup a restaurant that Woody read about in the Ride Texas Magazine. We had one of the biggest and best burgers on a homemade roll and curly fries that you’ll never forget and the pie of course homemade we couldn’t decide on which flavor so we had chocolate and lemon meringue.

After we rested and rehydrated off again. Arrived in Burleson at Ken, Robin, and Toots house around 2:30 PM and 300 miles we were ready for a well deserved shower and a siesta. Everyone was glad to see us as we were to see them. Robin had subs, pickled eggs and beets, pasta salad, and brownies. Robin and Ken took us on a tour of
Fort Worth and the Stockyards then back to their place where we watched the movie “Wild Hogs” what a good movie. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.

August 26, 2007 we left Burleson at 6:30AM and traveled to Coppell to meet BeemeriderBob and Debbie from there we will travel to Flower Mound to meet Bo & Cindy. The six of us are finally off to Queen Wilhelmia Lodge in Arkansas, where we will spend the night. We have passed some of the most beautiful horse ranches and fields of hay that
has just been baled which Woody says looks like shredded wheat and the most wonderful smell which, we can’t quite agree on but I think it was a field of lavender. After a breakfast stop at Betty’s and the all you can eat buffet here we go again up, down, around curves through Oklahoma with the heat, dry, dusty, baron land and the Indian Nations one of which is the Choctaw. We stop for gas in Tioga and it’s hotter than blazes I’m soaking my bandana and Woody is pouring cold water in his helmet to keep cool we about lost our side mirror on the “Fat Girl” but thank god for duct tape. The heat now reaching the high 90’s and rising. We stop for a well deserved lunch break and yet another buffet of fried chicken and pork chops. Now we’re about an hour away from the lodge on the Talimena Trail (Highway 1 ) and up, up, and around the curves along the road with no guard rails, traveling at some pretty high speeds to keep up with the rest of the group, what a thrill.

Oh no what’s that ahead, no it can’t be oh yes it is a road block the State Police, County Sheriff, and the State Park Patrol stopped us and asked for our drivers license and proof of insurance once all information was checked, we were all good sports and had a nice chat with them and then we asked if we could take some pictures and off we were 4 more miles to the Lodge and let me tell you I’m ready to get off this bike. Another day and about 274 miles it’s about 2:30 PM. As you can imagine what a site the six of us were hot, tired, sweaty, just a little ripe and in need of a shower and a drink. We got checked in to the lodge, found our rooms and took a nice siesta. Brian and Beverly (from Hill Country BMW and our Blanco Bowling Alley Group) finally arrive, it is now reaching the 100 degree mark. We told them we’d have dinner with them later. After Woody and I have regenerated we take a stroll around the lodge. Here we are sitting on the porch at the lodge which is about 3,000 feet above sea level what an awesome view. We had a really nice dinner and got to know Brian and Beverly. They live in Spicewood and Willie Nelson is their neighbor, but they will be moving to California once they sell their home. Before turning in for the night Woody and I take a walk around the lodge and can it be yes it is lighting bugs, we haven’t seen them since we left Ohio some 26 years ago. That was pretty cool. Well it’s off to bed, tomorrow, Woody & I will be traveling to Missouri by ourselves as Bo, Cindy, Bob and Debbie are going to Branson, Brian and Beverly are traveling to Hot Springs. We will see them on Tuesday. We wish each other a safe ride.

August 27, 2007 its 6:00 AM the temperature is a cool 68 Yes, yet another long day
of riding. Here we go down the mountain to Mena about 13 miles of twists, turns and curves in the pitch dark and yet again no guardrails all the while watching out for deer and other wild life, the ride is very pleasant the air is so fresh so different from good old Texas. The sun is just starting to rise and what a site.

Some of our routes for today are 272 to 71 to 540 to Joplin, Missouri then to 44 through Lebanon. Some of the highlights for the day were driving by a saw mill nothing like the smell of fresh lumber
being cut. We are the talk of the town today, as we pull up to the local restaurant, the
old retirees are pointing and talking when we go inside the old farts are saying that they
didn’t know that BMW made motorcycles. After some hot coffee and a full stomach we’re off again to Osage Beach.

Another great site today is going through the” Bobby Hooper Tunnel”. On we travel twisting, dipping, and curving like an amusement park ride. Soaring over the coves, creeks, and valleys, riding on to our next stop Mount Vernon, Missouri. We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce and asked for some info, while we were there asked for a good lunch suggestion which was a Chinese restaurant across the street. The spicy meatballs Woody says were really good. I liked the stir-fry dishes, sesame chicken, and for dessert the homemade donuts were just like my mom used to make awesome! It’s now pushing the high 90’s and we’re just ready to get to our destination, but we push on through Lebanon. I know this place, Woody and I stopped at the Independent Stave Company to observe how to make wooden barrels, they also have an awesome collection of walnut bowls and other items for sell great souvenirs. Now for a nice ride up Arkansas Route 5.

Finally, it’s in site the Tan-Tar-A Resort our home for the next five days. It’s about
2:15 PM I’ll be quite happy not to get back on the “Fat Girl” for a few days. Don’t misunderstand me I love to ride and enjoyed our trip thus far, but enough is enough. The temperature is fast approaching 100 we’re tired, hot, sweaty, dehydrated and fading fast. The “Fat Girl” is tired also. We park the “Fat Girl” register for the rally with the feeling that things are just a little unorganized but we are a day early. Next we go to get checked into the resort, we get a map, info and can you believe it we have to get back on the bike for another ride to our estate (a development of hundred of country cottages surrounded by the resort, the Osage Lake, and golf courses.

Now here we are looking a bit haggard. We’ve been riding about 7 hours and believe it or not the welcome community comes up to us and says smile all the while taking pictures of us. We were not the poster children for happy people. Again back on the bike up, down, around some hair pin curves and hills through the woods to eventually arrive at our place 6538 White Oak Drive. What a place! It’s a free standing cottage with a large living room and a stone fireplace, a kitchen with all appliances, a bar and an awesome blender. The master bedroom has a porch that overlooks the 7th hole of the golf course and a bathroom. After a much needed shower and a siesta we want to go to the pool. Now comes the nice part, we just call the shuttle and they pick us up and off we go. “To the Pool James”.

Woody & I arrive at the pool and find that we are only ones there. The pool is cool and we are glad of that.

After a while we head over to the spa and try to unloosen some of our tired and aching muscles, while we are at the spa Woody spies the water slide and what can I say the kid in us comes out and away we go, at first it seems like nothing, but then what a surprise you’re flying down the chute left, right, with water sloshing you like you’re in a washing machine when you round the corner you are almost get thrown over the side of the chute by the centrifugal force all the while yelling “Bonsai”. Yes we were acting like idiots but do we care. We are having fun on vacation. Now it’s to the kiddy pool as we run and splash and remember what it’s like to be a kid again. After all that fun it’s time for a pizza and back to our estate and a good night’s rest.

August 28, 2008 woke up around 8:00AM this is the first day that Woody left me sleep in, got a shower and looked around for Woody and he’s no where to be found. Grabbed my camera and off I went for a morning stroll, the squirrels are running across the road, the birds are singing and the air is so fresh what a great feeling. So this is the life of luxury, I could really get used to this.

Took some pictures and as I got to the top of the hill what, can it be, yes it is, Woody on the “Fat Girl”, I asked him where he was his answer was exploring Missouri and I scored breakfast on the way back. He asked if I wanted a ride and I said no. I didn’t want to even think about getting back on the “Fat Girl” for awhile, I’d walk back.

I hoofed back to the estate had breakfast, called for the shuttle and went to the hotel to check on a boat ride on the Ozark Princess a paddlewheel boat that takes you on a tour of the Lake. Made our reservation, for 2:00 PM, bought some food to feed the fish and ducks. The ducks are big pigs. They are actually taking the food out of the mouth of the fish. What a site! Fish/Ducks scrambling everywhere. Went to the pool and relaxed for a while, watched the boats on the lake and talked about what to do next. While we were waiting for our shuttle we noticed how many LT’s there were, because in our club we are one of the few LT riders, it’s nice to see so many of them in one place. A bout a dozen parked at the hotel check in, all along the road to the resort. Every color and what neat farkles every one the same but every one different in some way. 600 Lt’s in one spot….We had died and gone to LT heaven. Went back to the estate changed had lunch and was off for our boat ride. We were met by the mates of the boat. They said we could sit inside in air conditioning or outside on top deck in the broiling sun, which do you think we took, yes the air conditioning since the temperature is reaching 105. The boat holds about 45 people and we have about 43 on board and are underway with Captain Keith and Rose. The tour was about an hour long and Captain Keith gave us a little history about the lake and the resort. The Lake of the Ozarks runs 92 miles from one end to the other, with over 40 miles of unobstructed tributaries and over 1,150 miles of shoreline, Tan-Tar-A: a Blackfoot Indian name meaning “one who moves swiftly” began construction in 1960 by a man named Burton Duenke. When the resort opened in July 1960 there were 12 cottages overlooking the lakefront, today the resort sits on 420 acres currently houses 930 guest rooms. After returning to the resort it’s back to the estate to get ready for the reunion reception. On our shuttle ride we met some people from Ohio, California, and Tennessee.

We had some really good food which consisted of a Cowboy theme dinner of brisket, fried chicken, beans, and corn on the cob, salad, and rolls. The dessert was cherry & apple pie or peach cobbler. While we were enjoying our dinner we got to meet some new friends Mark & Rob from Missouri, Dan and Marie, and Eric who drove from Texas with this wife. We all shared stories about some of our trips and learned that Woody & I were the ONLY ones at our table who actually rode our bike to the rally. They were even more impressed that we were going to be on this vacation for 2 weeks and only carrying one duffel bag. After dinner and socializing we took a much needed walk to the shops at the resort wanted to go to the consignment store but they were closed, will check them out tomorrow, bought postcards and some stamps will mail them in the morning. It’s about 9:00 PM and believe it or not there are even more people checking in and the number of LT’s are growing and it’s pretty awesome to see all of them in different colors, some with trailers, trikes and yes even the one with a side car. Back to our home for a well deserved night cap and good night’s sleep.

August 29, 2007 it’s day two of the rally and we’re off to the vendor’s booths and some of the tech sessions. Of course we had to walk up that big hill and wondering all the while when some rider is going to do down trying to make the sharp turn on their “Fat Girl” as she doesn’t like low speeds and hairpin turns without lying down and taking a rest. As we reached our destination the vendor’s area we met Brian and Beverly talked to them for awhile, he has to get a new tire on his bike before they leave on Saturday for their trip back to Spicewood. One of the BMW dealers has set up shop at the rally for such occasions. We got some much needed water and off to the inside vendors. We head over to the tech session and guess what it’s Bo & Bob doing a tech session on bleeding brakes and Bob wanted to know if I could help them, but I declined as it looked like a dirty job. Then we spotted the trikes and went to take a look at them. Spoke with the owners Dave and Ruth Hannigan about converting our bike to a trike. Dave asked Woody if he wanted to test drive one and of course Woody jumped at the chance. David and Woody went to the parking lot to test them out, Ruth & I talked she told me about all the storage that we will have, enough room for 8 duffel bags compared to just one.

Woody and I took one for a ride. I can’t believe we have to go down that hairpin turn with a bike that isn’t even ours, my heart begins to race and I just know we are going to be the ones to dump, but we didn’t and off to the estates up, down, and around all the curves what a ride. It’s a lot different riding; I actually sit up higher so I can see over Woody, no more leaning on the curves, and the fact that Woody doesn’t have to try to keep the “Fat Girl” from falling over when we’re on gravel or an incline. That ride was the big highlight of the day. Well done Woody. Now on to shops I’m looking to expand my collection of kaleidoscopes and oh wow, I can’t believe it but they have many kinds. Some that will fit in your pocket to very large ones that cost hundreds of dollars. My eyes are wide as I look at each one and then Woody brings me back to reality and bursts my bubble and says you can have ONLY two. So I carefully choose the most unique and have them shipped home. All that walking, shopping, riding, and the heat we are exhausted we call for the shuttle and we’re off to shower and a siesta. Now it’s time to do laundry here we go what a site we are Woody and I on the “Fat Girl” with our laundry that is ready to get up and walk away. After we get the wash started we look outside and a squirrel is running around our bike. Woody goes to have a look and now we can’t see it anymore, he walks around the bike and here comes the little bugger, later we find shredded paper and other things coming out from the fairing, and the squirrel was trying to build a nest in our bike. Now that we have clean clothes we’re off again to a Prime Rib Dinner Buffet at the Black Bear Lodge, where we meet Brian and Beverly. We had a really nice dinner prime rib, baked potato, salad, vegetables, mushrooms & onions, homemade rolls and the most awesome triple layer chocolate fudge cake that was to die for. It was nice to have dinner with Brian and Beverly they are really nice. We talked about our trip to Missouri, what routes we each took, some of the places we stopped or stayed at, and which way we were going back to Texas. After a short walk it’s back home for a night cap, TV, and sleep.

August 30, 2007 we’re up at the crack of dawn about 6:30 AM getting ready for a trip on the “Fat Girl” to Bagnell Dam. The temperature is about 68 the sun is just rising what a great time to ride. The construction of the dam began on August 6, 1929 by Union Electric. During the Great Depression some 4,600 employees labored day and night generally 9 to 12 hours a day earning 35 cents to a little over a dollar and hour. It was opened to the public on May 30, 1931 at that time it was the largest man-made lake in the world, fed by the Osage, Glaize, and Niangua Rivers. After a few hours of riding we stopped at Tanka Hills Restaurant, in Linn Creek where we had the special a huge ham & cheese omelet, hash browns, one of the biggest homemade biscuit I’ve ever seen, and coffee for $3.99. It was hard to get back on the “Fat Girl” after that breakfast. We rode around for a few hours and back home to go to the pool and just relax. There are more people at the pool today and after a few laps and floating for awhile we check out the waterfall. All I can say about that is it’s a great way to get cooled off. Then it’s to the spa for a massage of those sore muscles. After another dip in the pool it’s time for a little sun and a drink. Now that we had a very relaxing afternoon and some sun it’s time to get ready for a night of dinner, dancing and bidding on the items for the silent auction. We check out the silent auction first, we bid on some thing and really hope that we don’t actually win any of them, because we’ll have to ship them home. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s time to eat salad, lasagna, rigatoni, rolls and again that awesome chocolate cake, we sit with people from different places in Texas and again everyone was really nice. Some of them we have met before and others are new. After dinner it’s time for the Souled Out Band. They are a really good band they have been playing together for seven years. They played music from the 70”s. The theme was the Blues Brothers, all the tables had hats like Jake & Elwood wore in the movie, as you can guess Woody started singing along when they played Soul Man, Steve took the hat put it on Woody’s head and we started to laugh because Woody was so in character that we couldn’t stop laughing. Steve was apologizing and I said why that was Woody’s nature. We were starting to get vertigo from the music being so loud that we went to check out our bids from the Silent Auction and thank goodness, we were out bid on everything. It’s “To the Estates James”.

August 31, 2007 yes it’s another very early morning with the temperature in the 60’s we need to wipe the dew off our seats before we head off on the “Fat Girl” with the sun rising and the smell of fresh air and the wind is blowing through my hair. Our agenda today is to ride on what is left of Route 66.

You know the one, America’s most beloved highway the “Mother Road” and the saying “You’ll Get your Kicks on Route 66” yes that’s the one the narrow road with the seams making that clumping sound as you rode over them, and the trees lining the road. What a great navigator that Woodman is I knew he would find some of historical Route 66. It’s chopped up now but you can just imagine yourself riding along and just enjoying how simple life was them. It’s a shame that people have take some of the historical route makers, but what can I say they just want a little piece of good old America. We’re getting hungry and decide to stop at a place on Route 66 the lights are on and lots of cars in the parking lot we decide to stop.

I’m thinking; how cool is this to eat at one of the few restaurants that are left on Route 66. But, as we get closed to the front door my heart was broken as the restaurant was closed apparently for quite some time. We figured out that people use the parking lot for car pooling. Well, it off again back to Osage Beach for some breakfast. It’s back to the estate to get packed and ready to leave to start our trip back to San Antonio. We decided to ship some things home. We gather up everything that we’re going to ship and off we go to the hotel. Woody and I are thinking that we should arrive home at about the same time as the package. When we arrive with our stuff, we can’t believe our eyes. No one from UPS is there, no packing material, and the boxes were something to be desired. But, we made the best of the situation, and packed our stuff all the while knowing that we’ll never see this package again. It’s back to the estates to get ready for our Finale Banquet. We arrive at the banquet around 6:45 spoke with Bo & Cindy and thanked them for a great ride and how nice it was to finally meet them after all the planning, directions, and addresses. Our dinner was a sit down affair consisting of filet mignon, grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, salad, wine, and key lime pie. Brian and Beverly sat with along with some others. It was a really nice meal. Once dinner was over the awards were presented and our check was presented to our charity. The door prize winner a lady whose husband wrecked his bike the day before, her only comment was “I think I’ll look pretty good on that bike”.

After much anticipation it was time to hear where the rally will be next year, we watched a short video of someone riding their motorcycle up and around mountains that have snow on them we thought Colorado, Montana but it will be in Midway, Utah at the Zermatt Resort and Spa which looks like a quaint alpine village. Well it’s time to say our goodbyes and get ready for our trip home with a side trip to Arkansas thown in for good measure. We’ve met some really nice people and hope to see them again. We call for the shuttle for the last time and off we go for one last night cap and to bed for an early morning start.

September 1, 2007 it’s about 7:30 AM so much for an early morning start. We were hoping to get checked out and on the road before now. The hotel is going to be a mad house but what can we do? We say our goodbyes to our neighbors at the estates and we’re off, much to our surprise the lobby is fairly empty and we get checked out without any problems. Now on to the next leg of our adventure and that’s to Mountain Home which is about 250 miles. We take route 54 to Camdenton to route 5 to Ava from there we hit 76 to Branson. Then the fun stopped, the traffic was so congested and a lot of shops and crowds of people, we just had to get out of there. After traveling the country roads with no traffic we were freaking out at the congestion. It’s off to route 65S at warp speed. Let’s get out of this tourist trap. We have escaped; we stop in Bee Branch at the Bee Branch Cafe for breakfast. After we get off the bike some guy asks us where in Texas do you live told him San Antonio and he said he was born in Corpus Christy. What a small world. We go into the restaurant order the special which was two eggs, bacon, hash browns, and the giant biscuit and coffee for a $6.45 after we ordered I look around and I was taken back in time to my grandma’s house. There was crocheted dollies on the counter and rag rugs on the floor just like grandma used to make how cool. Now that our stomachs are full it’s off again to routes 14 and 62 into Mountain Home where we will spend the night. We’re really beat and decide not to go out to dinner so we ate at the Western Skillet. Bought some postcards and off to bed for another early morning to Mountain View. We trying to go to sleep and there are kids running around the cat walk outside our room and banging doors we made a call to the front desk and all of a sudden that stopped and all was quiet.

September 2, 2007 we’re up and ready to go but, Houston we have a problem we can’t find the key to the “Fat Girl” we look everywhere in our pockets, jackets, the bedspread, sheets and nothing. Woody & I look at each other and gave each other that look. The only other thing was to empty the duffle bag and guess where the key was in the pocket of a pair of pants. So here I go packing the bag again and off we go. I hope this isn’t the beginning of a bad day.

Our plans for the day are to go to Bull Shoals Dam and from there to Blanchard Springs Caverns and on to Mountain View to the Ozark Folk Center State Park. The routes for today are 201 to 341 to 14 to 87. The Bull Shoals Dam was constructed across the White River in 1951 and formed the 45,440 acre lake that stretches along 720 miles of scenic, rugged shoreline with waters in both northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. Since the dam serves as a hydro electrical plant, the water rises and falls suddenly depending on the generating status at the dam. A horn will sound when water levels are changing. Along the southern edge of the lake at the Bull Shoals Dam site is a 732-arce State Park.

After a trip to the visitor’s center for a much needed break and a tee shirt we head on to the caverns.

As we’re riding along highway 341 or as it’s often called, “Push Mountain Road” you hardly get out of one curve before you are in another. It’s a roller coaster ride and not much traffic. As we’re cruising along we notice a man taking our picture and Woody asks what his sign said. I couldn’t read it so we turn around and go back and have a chat with him, we find out that he posts his pictures on his web site and you can purchase them. We get his card, told him we’d check our pictures when we get back home. We finally reach the caverns and we’re hot, tired, sweaty, and ready for a break what a better way to cool off than in a cave. The tour will be starting shortly what timing. The Blanchard Springs Cavern is a cave system located in the Ozark National Forest in northern Arkansas; it remains a “living” cave in part because of the care given by visitors and the forest service. It was formed some 350 million years ago and remains a constant temperature of 58 degrees. The first attempt to explore the cave was in the 1930 but the first systematic exploration of the cave began in 1955 and went on for five years. The caverns opened to the public in 1973. It’s not the biggest cave but the most colorful. I was dripped on several times during the tour and our tour guide said they are called cave kisses and are known to bring good luck. Well it’s back on the “Fat Girl” and off to the Folk Center where we will spend the night. We finally reach Mountain View, Arkansas known as the “Folk Music Capital of the World”, also home of Jimmy Driftwood the composer, known for the famous song “The Battle of New Orleans. He was a history teacher and was trying to get the students to learn their history lesson but they weren’t getting it so he wrote and played the history lesson. We arrive at the Ozark Folk Center State Park; get checked in at the lodge. After a shower and a much needed rest it’s off to dinner, up the big hill and into the restaurant, while we’re having dinner you can watch all the wild life come to the different feeders they have all around. We had the best blackberry cobbler. It’s off to take a drive around the town square past the dulcimer shop. The folk center is among America’s cultural treasures. This is the only park dedicated to the perpetuation and interpretation of the heritage of the Ozark region. Here you can enjoy live performances by talented musicians playing traditional mountain music featuring the pure sounds of the fiddle, banjo, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, and autoharp. You can watch the folks make baskets, pottery, musical instruments, soap and other items. It’s a step back in time for some old fashion fun. Well it’s off to do the laundry. It’s now pitch dark and we have to watch out for deer and other critters. Made it back safely and off to bed.

September 3, 2007 Woody & I have made an executive decision and decided to head for San Antonio today, as another hurricane is approaching the Texas Coast. The weather does not look good for the rest of the week. We’re tired, sore, and rung out and ready for good old home. Don’t misunderstand me we’ve had a really good time, seen some of the most beautiful mountains, caves, lakes, and met a lot of very nice people, but it’s time for home. Our routes for today are 9, 16, 65 outer belt, 40, 430, 30, 35. It’s going to be a long day about 720 miles, so here we go. It’s about 6:30 AM and a cool 63 degrees. We again have to watch for wildlife, but Woody’s new lights are working just fine and we can see quite far ahead of us. The air is fresh and crisp and I can actually smell. I kicked back in my throne as Woody calls it, just taking it all in the crisp fresh air, the beautiful sun rises, the wildlife such as turkeys, peacocks, fox’s, and the two fawns that were about a week old, and the turkeys. Life just can’t get much better. We stop for gas and believe it or not the attendant came out and Woody didn’t have to get off the bike. She took our money and handed Woody the nozzle and he just sat on the bike and pumped gas. How about that for service! My stomach is talking to me and we decided to stop before hitting the major freeways. We check out Willie’s and decide it’s an acceptable place and go inside. You can’t go wrong with the special eggs, bacon, grits or home fries and coffee $5.99. Woody asks for the bacon to be crisp and the waitress looks at his kind of funny and he explains that in San Antonio they don’t know how to cook bacon (raw bacon is a standard). Well; when our breakfast arrived it was done just right. I can’t believe what I just saw it was a park named Toad Suck. You can better believe that when we get home I’ll have to do some research and find some history on that park. (Derived from Cajun for Sugar Shack) On we ride, Woody spots a 442 and I thought he was going to stop, but we buzz on. Got to lay down miles under the “Fat Girl”. I think he’s tired, hot and ready for home. Now; it’s on the road again coming down from the mountains it’s starting to get hot and humid. There are a lot of trucks as it being the holiday and the traffic is heavy, but we ride on stopping to get our bandanas wet and hope that keeps us cool until the next stop. The sun has broiled, baked, and fried us. As you can guess we are just rung out so we stop, it looks like we are going to get wet so we make a quick stop. Back at it again to hopefully make some time before the rain comes but, yes you guessed right back in good old Texas in a traffic jam and if that isn’t bad enough it now raining I told Woody I wanted to be cool but not like that. It’s not a hard rain, but comes in spurts, and you know those crazy Texas drivers switching lanes all the while Woody is trying to keep the “Fat Girl” up and hoping he can stop without hitting anyone. After an hour we’re finally on our way. Through Dallas, Waco, and finally to San Marcos where we decide to stop as we are exhausted and for the first time my tailbone is hurting. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get off the bike when we stop. My legs feel like noodles, my knees are aching, and I look at Woody what a pair we are. We look like something a cat would drag home. After a much needed rest we get back on the “Fat Girl” to eventually arrive at the Woodruff Estate at 9:15 PM. Home never looked so good. Called Mo (Karen’s mother) to let her know we have arrived safe and sound some 3,000 miles and ten days later. Her words were “Where is home tonight” and I said home in San Antonio, her next words were “I think you need to park that bike for awhile” and we did for about a week.

Footnote: About 3 days later believe it or not our package showed up and the box was in better shape then when we sent it go figure. Life is Good.

Well, this was somewhat a record of our CCR 2007. Hope you enjoyed reading and I encourage you to write a journal of your trips.

Karen and Woody
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Re: Our Curve Cowboy Experience 2007

Sounds great but what was up with the road block? here in the midwest they pull that crap at certain events / a little bit like profiling going on Hmmm? Have a great riding season.

2005 LT oceanblue
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Re: Our Curve Cowboy Experience 2007

Thanks for sharing your trip! Sounds like you enjoyed the trip to and from CCR.
My wife and I are going to CCR this year....it will be our first one. We are really looking forward to it!

Bob Thede
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Re: Our Curve Cowboy Experience 2007

Originally Posted by swanny
Sounds great but what was up with the road block? here in the midwest they pull that crap at certain events / a little bit like profiling going on Hmmm? Have a great riding season.
I believe that part of the story was when they were on the Talimena Skyline Drive. Due to several motorcycle accidents on the skyway, both Oklahoma and Arkansas have stepped up enforcement, especially near the Queen Wilhelmia Lodge on the Arkansas side.

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El Jeffe
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Re: Our Curve Cowboy Experience 2007

OK that makes some sense Can not make the ccr this year but hope to in2009 thanks for the reply***

2005 LT oceanblue
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Re: Our Curve Cowboy Experience 2007

Very nice write-up. Makes me want to go for a nice long ride and see more of this beautiful country of ours. Hopefully I'll even be able to take enough time to get away to a CCR in the future.

Thanks for the written tour,

Jerry Palma
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