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Sep 5th, 2011 10:51 am
Re: Neophyte

I see the thread is starting to wander. But I like shooting the breeze. Maybe this place needs a lounge section?
Just checked, a new box stock Colt retails for about 800 bucks. Guess that makes the barn around 141K.
Do Beemer holsters only fit HK and Walther?
Sep 5th, 2011 10:18 am
Re: Neophyte

Hey Joey that sounds like a plan...but I might see you first. Both of my sons live in K.C.--one on the Kansas side and the other on the Missouri side.
Sep 5th, 2011 10:15 am
Re: Neophyte

No problem Bill--we are from Kansas and don't get too riled up.
Sep 5th, 2011 6:52 am
Re: Neophyte

Originally Posted by joeybolz

A Colt 1911 cost the US Army about 17 dollars a year or two after that guy built that barn.
Have you checked the price of a 1911 lately? I thought I wanted one till I saw what they are going for. Sorry for the hiJack
Sep 5th, 2011 12:48 am
Re: Neophyte

Wade, Yep, The wife and I counted around 20 black squirrels in and around that park in the SW part of down town. You can camp for free there and it has showers.

Bonner Springs is Biker Central. Literally scores to hundreds of Harleys filing in and out of Kobi's parking lot Fri, Sat, Sun, Wed. Never see to many in the rain or cold though. Always gotta laugh to myself when they tell me theirs is one of a kind. It is also fun to see the expressions on their faces when I occasionally leave one in the dust with my Mega Moped

We'll definitely have to hook up at some juncture point in Kansas some week end this fall. Maybe with some others from around here too.

As for the Post Rock. It is still holding up a Mail Box on the corner of my ex-wifes driveway.


A Colt 1911 cost the US Army about 17 dollars a year or two after that guy built that barn.
Sep 5th, 2011 12:11 am
Re: Neophyte

Are you speaking of Marysville, KS? If so, I just drove through there last weekend after attending a celebration from my wife's business associate. Apparently, the Round Barn on their farm is 100 years old, built by an Irish immigrant for 3,000.00 dollars back in 1911.

Your previous post about the Harley hits close to home. Now that you know where I live--it's easy to understand when I say all you will ever meet on the highways around me are Harley's. Of course, they all take one look at my bike and think I'm riding a Goldwing.

The County Treasurer went out to look at my bike when I was buying tags. When she walked back in she stated, "It looks just like a Goldwing" Sometimes I would like to get a RT but then everyone around here would think it was a crotchrocket.

Well, if you should ever venture out this way send me a PM--always looking for another reason to ride! And by the way--my brother-in-law told me some city folks took off with one of his fence posts...naw, that couldn't have been you.
Sep 4th, 2011 11:50 pm
Re: Neophyte

Thanks for the friendly welcome. I won't get to shooting off at the mouth to much until I actually take delivery of one of these monsters. I did put down a deposit on that 2000. Gotta wait until after labor day to get the paperwork done and then I gotta wait on a delivery truck.

WR, had to find Glasco on the google map. Looks like your'e not to far from the Garden of Eden. I love that strange place. The time I went, my brother and I looted a post rock that was tipped over close to the road somewhere between Lucas and Manhattan on 24 coming home. It was quite an ordeal getting it into the trunk of a 97 T-Bird. Plus we was scared we might get busted for pillaging antiquities. A lot of folk from Kansas City like to belly ache about Kansas being boring on their way to Colorado. I'd say they're shallow. The Flint Hills are a great ride and so is the Tall Grass Prairie. Love the wildflowers. Also, ever been to the Black Squirrel Capitol of Kansas?
Sep 3rd, 2011 10:07 pm
Re: Neophyte

Originally Posted by joeybolz

Oh yah, got nothing against Harley's but I refuse to be a herd animal.
You are among friends here...welcome aboard. Your height is perfect for the LT. And there are many who paint their LT...with some very creative color schemes. Do your KW green...I will then know whom I'm waving at on I-70.
Sep 3rd, 2011 8:22 am
Re: Neophyte

Welcome aboard Joey, you've come to the right place for info on the LT. I cannot add much to what Rich and Loren have said. I have a 99 with 68k miles now and no problems at all. I prefer the simple brake system and it is easy to service and maintain. As rich says, 6'2" is a great height for riding the LT as you can flat foot at stops. You may find a need to get some of the different foot peg options as you might experience leg cramps with out the ability to change leg positions. There are several options out there.

Good luck to you on making your decision.
Sep 3rd, 2011 4:25 am
Re: Neophyte

+1 on what Rich said. The only option my LT doesn't have that I long for is air conditioning. I don't mind riding in the cold but the heat just kills me.

As far as the tunes, the electric windshield, etc. goes Rich is spot on. Once you have it you will NEVER want to be without it.

I have ridden Japanese bikes all my life and have enjoyed each one of them but there is nothing quite like the Bavarian Beauty. It is similar to how a Volkswagen Beetle and a Rolls Royce are both transportation but the Rolls is a lot more comfortable and luxurious.

As far as the ABS failures go there really aren't many of them that fail and regular maintenance would have probably precluded many of the ones you have read about. One advantage of the older models, 1999 to early 2001, is that should the ABS unit fail you still have full braking power where as the newer models the braking power diminishes like the power brakes in a car with the key off. The way to tell the difference on the 01's is the early ones have the word Brembo cast into the calipers while the later models have BMW cast into them. Regular flushes should keep your ABS system happy. I used to thin a lot about the final drive failures but it seems that a few on this forum have figured out what causes the failures and have let us all know what to do to prevent the failure from happening.

Sep 3rd, 2011 3:26 am
Re: Neophyte

Welcome to the asylum!! Given your limited background on motorcycles I would say you have lucklily stumbled onto the ultimate one....Of course I mean the K1200LT. I did a post recently about how when you go the the bike shop, nothing measures up to the comfort and convience and the technology of the LT. At 6'2" you have the perfect height for the LT. I have to chuckle about your comment concerning the radio/CD system did you know that the LT has radio and CD controls on the back seat area so your wife can feel some measure of control while riding with you, by operating the sounds. Of course you will want the intercom system, and try to get the helmets with the headsets from the previous owner when you buy. You may think you don't need some option on the bike but, once you experience it, you don't want to give it up. I had never had a motorcycle with an electric adjustable windshield, and consequently never thought that it was anything I needed on a MC....Until I got the LT, Wow! I love it, and use it all the time, making adjustments depending on weather, visiblility requirements, and speed. A great tool to make motorcycling more enjoyable. My wife particularly likes the heated rear seat and back rest. My point is, research the different models of LT, learn what all the options are for the bike, find one that has everything on it (no the kitchen sink is not an option) for the price you like, and buy it. You will learn how enjoyable all that stuff you thought you didn't need really is. I have a year 2000 bought it with 17K on it, found this forum, do my own maintenance, ride it like I stole it, and really don't know of any bike I covet as much as my own. As a note, up through 2001 the LT didn't have the linked ABS system, and is a much simpler abs system than the newer ones.
Sep 3rd, 2011 1:07 am

Hi Folks,

Looks like a great forum. I am continuously amazed by the knowledge explosion caused by the internet in less than the last 20 years.

Anyhow, as an introduction I'd like to say I am mostly a greenhorn when it comes to motorcycles. Wanted one as a kid but was poor, lost interest as an adult and never got one. Then at about 47 I went out and bought an old 500 dollar KZ, knowledged up on a forum, and got it running. I was hooked. Also I desperately wanted my wife to ride too as I just could not fathom her not experiencing the pure joy I found riding a motor bike. She was only barely interested and had a mental block on shifting. They mercy passed her in the Motorcycle safety class as it was readily obvious that she had been dragged kicking and screaming. Not one to give up I went out and bought a 2007 Burgman Executive. Figured she could ride it as you didn't have to shift it. That never really panned out either but I do have a very nice motorcycle with funny looking tires that I have been riding. Put 30k on it and anyone that says you cant tour on a scooter just don't know. (In her defense I will say she loves riding the B position)

Well, three years later and after much persecution over my big gay scooter from friends and co-workers I went out and test drove Victory Vision 8 Ball, a new Goldwing, a big Suzuki Boulevard, a 07 BMW R1200RT, and an 05 BMW K1200LT. Coulda drove a K1600GTL but I am way to tight to eat that kind of depreciation and passed. Oh yah, got nothing against Harley's but I refuse to be a herd animal.

Now, I have looked at scores of LT's on the internet in the last month. Have discovered there is another deal coming down the pike every five minutes with no need to panic and buy one in a hurry. Kind have decided I'll get anything I want for up to about 15 grand for the right amount of deal and comfort with the selling party. Also though, I do not have any serious qualms about an older model back to 1999 or so if it is super low mileage and the right amount of deal. Spotted a 2000 K1200LTC for 6299 tonight with 11k on it but then there are also 2006 range low mile jobs for around 12K.

One question I have: is an LTC to low for a guy that is almost 6'2" and are there alot of significant difference's in these bikes from 1999 to date. Looks like the ABS system has somewhat of a failure rate and is an expensive fix. Also, I really don't give two hoots about a 7 CD changer or even a sound system at all. But I reckon you get one whether you want it or not. Seems that other than a Garmin about all of the other nicety's are standard.

Oh yah, I wish someone besides Kawasaki would paint their motorcycles Ninja green

Comments would be a appreciated and I look forward to sticking around here.

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