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fremont Jul 5th, 2008 11:03 pm

Question on Headlight Assembly
Had to remove nose cone today to repair headlight ground and after removing, disassembled head light assembly. Thought that lens could be removed to make repair easier, not so. Was going to solder ground on to prevent movement but not possible. So able to tighten up ground ok, still considering grounding to frame. But question is, when HL removed from nose, I loosened a phillips screw on back of assembly that was kinda hidden. Me thinks this holds reflector? May not have tightened back 100%. Should I pull everything back apart and tighten? Also, when removing side panels found some cracks and broken tabs. Did search here and was wondering if anyone has comments re: Plastex for repairs?

Thanks, Fremont

zippy_gg Jul 6th, 2008 5:08 pm

Re: Question on Headlight Assembly
Fremont, you should fill out your profile so we know where you are and what year your LT is.
I suspect someone local could help you with the re-assembly of the headlight.
Also the LT received a new headlight design on the 05 and newer.

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