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Trying My Best to Buy a K1200LT

Hello All
Joined a couple of weeks back and have enjoyed all the excellent comments/tips/fun banter etc.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Alberta is a prosperous Oil province and the City of Calgary is the Oil capital of Alberta. I am finding that this prosperity has a very odd effect on my local BMW dealership (one of two in the province). What is this effect ...... Well I am having a rather unique problem .... getting my local dealer to show interest in getting me a bike in. It is as though they know that I will most likely buy the bike from them and obviously will get it serviced there as well, so hey, what's the rush!

After much consideration I decided to buy a new 2005 or 2006 K1200LT, so I stopped by the dealer back at the end of October (Friday), nothing in stock but had two 2004 corporate demos coming the very next Tuesday (4 days later) and will call right away. One week later stopped in on the way home, oh sorry, will be in next week. Bikes did show up, bad weather so a couple more days until I got in to demo ride the bike, (Thursday Nov 10). Enjoyed it (though it was extremely windy) and decided to continue my quest. Of course the dealer pushed hard to sell me one of the demos, but since I plan on keeping this bike a long time thought I would get the increased hp (2005 model in Canada) and other upgrades. Asked them to check what stock BMW Canada has available for 05 and when/how much for an 06, yes sir call you on Monday. Next Wed call and ask whats going on, sorry sir forgot I had surgery, get back to you tomorrow (Thursday). Guess what, no call Thursday, call Friday leave message "This is taking way to long I want to make a decision", get a call back "Ordered an 06 for January Build, be here mid to late March, it will be our floor model but ordered it in your preference of colour and options", well thank you, and what 05's do they have in stock, "They will be getting back to me on Monday", translation -- I forgot to ask that question. Well didn't get a call today (Monday, Nov 21) so will hope for the best tomorrow.

It is winter here but the weather has been great and I am fortunate to have a 2002 Honda VTX1800C that I have been riding to work most days so at least I am not having 2 wheel envy as I wait. I will be keeping the VTX for at least one overlap season but am looking for a safer, warmer (I ride down to minus 7 Celsius/20 Fahr with full Widder electric gear) and more comfortable bike to 2up with my wife, and our younger children (9 and 11 years old). Not too worried about the weight as the VTX is already 700 plus pounds though most of my riding is daily commuting to work (62 km/38 mile round trip) half and half city/highway.... any comments on daily commuting with this big rig??

I have a line on a brand new 2005 Light Yellow Metallic with 0 km from a dealer in another province but would like to buy local ...hhhmmm.... as I have not seen this colour in person could it be described as "trendy", i.e. in 2 years will I wonder why I bought it. It looks great on the BMW web site and in the brochure but ..??? Is it yellow or more gold ??

Well enough for now, thanks for reading.
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Thumbs up

For instant gratification try the classifieds on this or other sites. Several 05's listed. There are 02's like mine listed for less than I still owe (three years down - two to go).

A used LT (02 or newer for linked brakes) will probably come with accessories already installed and will save you enough cash to take a couple vacations, the first one would be riding home after purchase.

LT's are generally well maintained (get the receipts) and 25000 miles is where they just get running good so do not be put off by a few test miles on the odometer.

Good Luck
Doug Holck
Lodi, Ca
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Sadly, this less than enthusiastic response has seemed to pervade just about every industry in the USA as well. Call a company, express interest in their product, never hear from them. View their product on internet, fill out the CONTACT US form requesting info . . . never hear from them (most of time). Seems this has hit Canada as well.

The Yellow is indeed a light GOLD, and not yellow IMHO. I liked the color a lot . . . doesn't show dirt and got lots of compliments. Others have hated it and have opted for the Anthracite (Dark Gray). If you like it, that's all that matters. Can't imagine it will affect resale, but who knows anymore.

Jacksonville, FL (USA)
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so I stopped by the dealer back at the end of October (Friday), nothing in stock.....
One week later stopped in on the way home, oh sorry, will be in next week.....
yes sir call you on Monday. Next Wed call and ask whats going on, sorry sir forgot I had surgery....
no call Thursday....
get a call back "Ordered an 06 for January Build, be here mid to late March......
They will be getting back to me on Monday.....
Well didn't get a call today (Monday, Nov 21) so will hope for the best tomorrow.
You have an amazing tolerance for ineptitude and indifference. I'd have been outta' there 'bout the time the guy "forgot he had surgery" (how the hell does one forget THAT?)

That's a list of all the ways NOT to sell a product.
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I wouldn't deal with this dealer, just wait until you need service from him.

Vince Weidig
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Hi Gary,

and welcome to this bunch!

Just a comment to your question about daily commuting. My riding season up here in the cold country of polar bears is about the same as yours ( 7 months, 8 months max). I do all my work related riding with LT (19000 km and get paid 0,40 Eur / km ;-) to an extent that my "fun riding" part is limited to less than 1000 km / year. IMHO LT is fine for commuting, the weight is something one gets used to quite fast. I admit that there certainly are more suitable bikes for lane-splitting. Over here this fun is illegal anyway, so I don't want to risk my luck with the LEOs.
You will be fine, once you just get your bike...


Ari "the Farkle-Freak-Finn" Ignatius

Hyvinkää, Finland
2004 ('05) LT, Dark Graphite, "Sunset Cruiser II"

Bike trip from Finland to USA:

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Pictures of various farkle projects:

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I don't know I would even trust them with my service work if thats the attitude they take.

I had sorta the same problem. I purchased my bike from a local dealer in Richmond BC (Pacific Yamaha & BMW). It was missing the radio antenna at the time but it was a new bike. I made an appointment for the following week to get my first service and asked them if the antenna would be in by then. I was told yes. Well. after 8 cancelled appointments on thier part, I finally got my antenna and my first service 2 months later.
I decided then to try the Vancouver dealer (John Valk BMW). I needed to have my GPS and radar detector hooked up (I'm not mechanically inclined) I had allready replaced the cluch and brake resevoir caps with the Ram Mount ones. I asked them to mount the GPS on one side and the radar detector on the other, and run the wires under the covers of the handle bars. They had my bike for 1 week. I went to pick it up and I almost dropped the guy where he stood. He had mounted the GPS and detector where I told him to BUT... the wires where dangling down from each mount and running into the oddments box. I could barley turn the handlebars. His excuse.. didn't have enough time.
So with no local competant dealers, I decided to ride the 160 miles to Cascade BMW in WA state. They were awesome, but went out of business. Next stop was RideWest in Seattle. They did a great job the couple times I had been there up until the last time. I took my bike in for 240000 mi service and told them that my HID's would go on and off intermittently and the radio hadn't worked since they last worked on it. I left it with them for 3 days. I went to pick it up,the service was done, radio still didn't work and lights didnt work at all. They actually sent me home with no working lights. They said they couldnt find the problem. Told me that it had to be a ballast To me the problem was obvious, a bad connection. But what do I know. So I ride home with no lights (dusk). I did have motolights though.
I decided to order a new set of HID's. Now I had to find someone to install them. I was about to take it over to Vancouver Island to S&M cycle when I found a local guy down the street that had been head mechanic at a Harley dealer - (BMW dealer at one time) That would do it. I took it to him, and helped him by removing the tupperware. He did all the wiring and installing of the HID's. He did an OUTSTANDING job and charged me 50 bux.
BTW.. It turns out that I never needed a new set of HID's. It was as I suspected, a worn wire. Found it as soon as we removed the nose cone



Ed Bruce
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Red face

Hey Zipper,

While your prospective dealer is giving you the 'run-around' why not use the winter and the time to research some used models. After putting 33,000 miles on my purchased new '03 LTE, I believe it is better than new right now. The LT's engine just get's sweeter with a few miles and if it was nicely maintained and has a few added farkles, you may find a great pearl.

The other pearl with this bike is getting to know it well enough to do at least some of your own service. I think you'll find you can do a better job than the dealer if you just take your time. Dealers do have some great mechanics, but they have to make money and time is money. So, if you are a bit mechanically inclined and are curious, the folks on this site will guide you through most anything you want to learn.

Either way, new or used, the LT is THE bike to own and ride.
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Get the '05 or '06 since the $ isn't your primary concern. The extra power and the power centerstand are worth it. I bought the Light Yellow Metalic(fastest) er gold because it is a safer color, doesn't show dirt longer, did I mention faster?, and not one of the common dark colors. I was going for the Pacific Blue but decided, after going over the brochure, that I would regret not getting the Yellow/Gold in the future. Everyone loves it. Go to a bike night and look at the number of light colored bikes. Not many. I always liked the Champagne and Silver but they aren't available in the new LTs.
I commute 70 miles per day and love this bike. I am 6'3" 200#(on a good day) and size has never been a problem.
Now....your dealer is another issue!

Benton Blalock
"I ride.....the bike doesn't"

'18 Honda Africa Twin Adventure SportDCT
'12 Kawi KLR 650 "Dirty" - traded in
'08 LT Black "Fireball" 113,000+ miles(RIP- transmission - may be seen on the road again)
'05 LT Yeller er Gold? "Ophelia"(RIP- fire) 80,000 miles
'04 R12CLC (RIP- hurricane) 36,000 miles
230,000+ BMW miles
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Calgary "dealer ?"

I purchased mine there in 2002 and had pretty much the same situation. They are friendly enough but concentrate on moto-cross and crotch rocket markets - it appears that the BMW line is an add-on line that doesn't hold their interest. They have so many lines that I would be very concerned about taking my bike there for any service.
Since there was no other local dealer I made my purchase there and take the bike to Anderwerks in Calgary for all service work, repairs, farkles etc. These guys are BMW only and all are Munich trained. I can't say enough about their knowledge of the bike or their service.
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It Gets Worse then Really Really Good

Thought I'd give an update to my saga. On the following Thursday (Nov 24) still had not heard from my Calgary dealer so drove the 300km north to the Edmonton dealer (Argyll Motorsports) to see the 05 Light Yellow in person and demo it for comparison to the 04. Spent a lot of time looking at the bike in different lighting conditions and decided the colour just wasn't for me. Asked this dealer (sales guy rides an LT) to check what stock BMW Canada had in the Dark Graphite Metallic and give me a price. The very next morning he called me back, 4 in stock and gave me a reasonable price, I asked about possible end of year discounts and he said he was going to the BMW Dealers Show in Toronto the next weekend and he would get back to me the next Monday. WOW, he called first thing Monday (Nov 28)... oh still have not heard from my local dealer yet ... BMW Canada will not be having any rebates and 3.95% financing is set to expire Dec 16 but hope it will continue. I told him I would think about it and get back to him. Got busy with work and home renos and was thinking it was time to call back Argyll in Edmonton when suddenly around Dec 7 got a call from the Calgary dealer asking me if I had bought the bike yet, at which time I told him no and mentioned that I thought they must have gone out of business. Well what do you mean he asked, blah, blah, blah, sorry for the misunderstanding, told him I was in negotiations with Argyll, oh let me talk to my manager I'll get right back to you. Called me back 10 minutes later "Manager feels really bad about the mix up, want your business, come in and lets make a deal". What the hell I figure, so I go in on Dec 9 and the sales guy says "so what say we make a deal" and I say, "You asked me here so give me your best price and if its significantly better than Edmonton you got a deal". He and the boss get together for 15 minutes and he presents me with a price a measly $100 less that Edmonton. Not good enough I say call me next week with a better price. He leaves me a message at the end of the day on Tuesday to say that they do not discount BMWs. I call him Wednesday morning where he gives me some speech about supply and demand and I tell him they have nothing in this bike as it will be coming from BMW Canada presold, another bike for their year end numbers ...... You mean you are going to take it right away and not in the spring .... Yes ..... Oh, okay let me talk to my manager again. He calls me back 20 minutes later and GET THIS HE SAYS .... the boss redid the numbers and we forgot to add the accessories so we are actually $600 more than Edmonton .... You have got to be kidding, you mean you are not honoring your previous offer.... No, as I said we do not discount BMW's, if you really think Argyll will honor their price you may want to call them. So I did just that!

I hung up, called Argyll in Edmonton, made a final deal on the phone, they faxed me a sales agreement and credit application, took a deposit on my CC then called me back two hours later to say that my credit was approved and that the bike will come in next week but with Xmas and the New Year holidays probably can't pick up until early January. Turns out the 3.95% would not be extended but since signed on the 14th everything is set. It struck me on Friday that I never discussed the term of the financing so I called up the finance guy and said that I was concerned as I wanted the 5 year term at 3.95% but had forgot to discuss it, he said "Well sorry Gary, I talked to the regional rep and got your bike qualified for the 5 year 1.95%, but I can always cancel it if you'd like", we had a good laugh and I hung up the phone and thought to myself "Now these guys know how to treat their customers".

The idiots at Blackfoot in Calgary will not see this bike for servicing. At "jorawro's" suggestion I plan on using Anderwerks in Calgary for the regular maintance.

Can't wait to get the bike and I may have to change my user name to "Beauty and the Beast", the beauty my new LT and the beast my VTX1800C.


By the way, with taxes Edmonton was about $750 less than Calgary, can you say J-Pegs?

Last edited by zipper; Dec 19th, 2005 at 2:45 am. Reason: Added final discount
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All's well that ends well!

Glad you found a good dealer! I surely would never throw a shadow on the Calgary dealer's door.

I don't want to achieve immortality through my work...I want to achieve it through not dying.

David Shealey
Dandridge, TN
EX: '01 Black LT, BAT BYKE (Totaled at 110,000 miles)
IBA SS, BB, BBG, 10/10ths.
No bike now, but maybe in the future.
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i may get some flack for saying it, but i would not do business with that dealer. to me, your dealer is much more important than the manufacturer. they are, after all, the one who you will be dealing with. and the attitude does not bode well for the after-sale service you will get. if they don't give a $hit, i'll be damned if i buy a bike from them.

if i were you i'd buy something else.

but let me hasten to add that i am lucky to have to GREAT bmw dealers in my area who are head and shoulders among dealers for other brands: CalMoto (mountain view, calif.) and San Jose BMW. both are excellent.
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Glad it worked out for you Zipper. As far as the j-pegs --- If you have long legs make sure you get the "extended version".
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Originally Posted by jorawro
Glad it worked out for you Zipper. As far as the j-pegs --- If you have long legs make sure you get the "extended version".
I agree the XL version are tits!

(Oops, can I say that here?)

Yer gonna love the LT!

Ride On!

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