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steeler34 May 4th, 2010 11:16 am

I Phone
This will probably get moved, but....
I went back and reviewed some posts about the Iphone, specifically on the 2007 LT with the factory comm system (I added the factory GPS) we all know the Blue tooth on the GPS is useless to use with a wired helmet.
What I found (from a brief few words on a old post) is that the phone only answers and works through the front helmet IF the aft helmet is connected. I have not rode to try this out but it appears that simply using the aft helmet hook up instead of the front one solves the issue. I used to do this anyway to keep the cord from rubbing the tanl cover.

Still have the I phone issues with no auto answer. What I also did was find i cable with a 4 pole plug for the I phone end and a 3 pole end that goes to the bike.

Hope this helps

K1 (just sold)

keepitreal_k May 17th, 2010 11:21 am

Re: I Phone
Hi Milton,

Where did you find the 4pole to 3 pole cord? My local Radio Shack/Walmart/Best Buy's don't seem to have it.

Thanks for any info!

Makzimia Jun 7th, 2010 5:08 pm

Re: I Phone
OK, if I can jump into this thread, part number from J&M who I have to say aren't on my list of favourite people in the world, but that's another subject, is JMSR-AC19-BCS. I had local store I use call them, J&M said part number is not even normally available ( to store) due to low demand, ya think?.

Question is, allowing for user error, which let's face it happens, does it work at all as intended?. I have an Iphone (mine is 3GS model) and I have J&M headsets hooked into the Voice II system??. I know earlier Iphones had mic issue, that is not the case with mine I believe.


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