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Coyote19 Jul 23rd, 2007 12:01 pm

CB Recommendations
I just pickup a used 05 LT that has an autocom wired for intercom, radio and CB. There's a PTT button on the left handgrip and the plug forthe cb itself is in the glovebox. I am assuming the previous owner kept a small CB in there since there is no extra wire to relocate it elsewhere. Also, any input as far as an antenna? I would like something that matches the radio antenna if possible. I am completely new to the motorcycle CB so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

GBaker Jul 23rd, 2007 2:06 pm

Unless you are an electronics wizard, I suggest you contact a BMW dealer tell them what you have bike and comm system wise and let them recommend the cb that matches it. And go with the LT CB antenna. Be prepared to spend about $400.00 for the CB and $160.00 for the antenna.

Get the parts numbers from the BMW website under gear and/or check with Chicago BMW as they have some good prices. Believe me when I say been there done that. The BMW wiring and ground issues with all the electronics on board make it a very tough ordeal to get anything but theirs to work with out lots of buzzes and squeals.

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