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(a) Brake System

1. Fluid change (Integral/EVO system): mneblett, kws

2. Fluid change w/Speed Bleeders (pre-Integral/EVO system): kdog

3. Fluid level check (Integral/EVO system): mneblett

4. Hard anodizing: dshealey

5. Pedal adjustment: mneblett

6. Rear pad replacement: VAgresti, mneblett, beemerlt, k12lt_rider

7. System comparison: mneblett, mneblett, beemerlt

(b) Clutch

(c) Cooling System

(d) Electrical System

1. Air temperature sensor attachment ('05): DavidTaylor

2. Alternator operation: bmwmick, dshealey

3. Battery acid level checking: McAllister

4. Electrical connector greasing: beemerlt

5. Fuses ('05): mneblett, mneblett, beemerlt, mneblett

6. Headlight adjustment: meese, meese

7. Spark plug wire differences: hp1bmw, beemerlt, beemerlt

(e) Engine

1. Cylinder head cover tightening: Gene_Chapman

2. Ignition static timing checking & adjusting: dshealey, dshealey, bmwmick, dshealey, dshealey, dshealey, paulcbrowne

3. Oil change checklist: Fastlane_Jammin

4. Spark plug options: dshealey, dshealey, dshealey, dshealey, captainasty, beemerlt, Jim

5. Timing case cover removal & replacement: dshealey

6. Timing chain service: dshealey, beemerlt, dshealey

7. Timing chain tensioner tool: dshealey

8. Valve clearance checking & adjusting: randy, DavidTaylor, dshealey, dshealey, grifscoots

9. Valve stem seal replacement: dshealey, beemerlt, dshealey, beemerlt, dshealey, dshealey

(f) Exhaust System

1. Header nuts & rings: eatanner, beemerlt

2. Removal: dshealey, RaffyK

(g) Frame & Bodywork

1. Battery cover removal: mneblett

2. Centre stand spring removal: GWE, GWE, bmwmick, beemerlt

3. Fairing removal: tleonard

4. Front fairing removal: mneblett

5. Screw sizes & locations: RaffyK, RaffyK

6. Seat heating current draw: RonKMiller

7. Seat heating wire removal: RonKMiller

8. Side case trim removal: RaffyK, monmon2, Buck, monmon2

9. Side stand greasing: dshealey, beemerlt, goldy

10. Top case removal: jimbeard

11. Windscreen removal: RaffyK, onions, CharlieVT

(h) Fuel System

1. Cruise control operation: kdog, Steve_A, bushj1

2. Fuel filter change frequency: dshealey

3. Fuel tank installation: mneblett, JimMc

4. Quick-disconnect (QD) coupling O-ring replacement: dshealey

5. Throttle body synchronisation: W_R, W_R, W_R, W_R, W_R, mneblett, dshealey, W_R, W_R

6. Throttle cable adjustment: mneblett, mneblett, Steve_A, mneblett, beemerlt

7. Throttle cable identification: beemerlt

8. Throttle cable lubrication: motorhead, lhazelton

9. Throttle cable parts: gstevens, Dochatley, Gino

(j) Gearbox

1. Drain plug removal: norwayspruce1952, JimMc, Zippy

2. Gearshift lever adjustment: whtmtn2000, jzeiler

3. Oil change ('05): WMann, vgstef, vgstef

4. Oil draining method: dshealey

5. Torque discrepancy (in manual): tonyscompany

(k) General

1. BMW on-line parts fiche ('ETK'): FrankDu, CharlieVT, beemerlt, k12lt_rider, DDW

2. BMW Repair Manual CD-ROM: dshealey, ComfortablyNumb

3. BMW Repair Manual CD-ROM ('05): beemerlt

4. Fastener lubrication: maglawe

5. Importance of fluid changes: mneblett

6. Loctite & fastener removal: dshealey

7. Maintenance work sheets: Dick, amarider

8. Specification changes ('05): mneblett

9. Torque wrench calibration: microdoc, dshealey, dshealey

10. Torque wrench recommendations: Dick

11. Torque tables: randy

12. Warranty & DIY servicing: munson

(m) Radio & Optional Extras

1. Alarm remote control battery replacement: Tom_Becker, beemerlt

2. Alarm remote encoding: dshealey

3. Alarm system 'inductive key' use: jslippert

4. Antenna removal: k12lt_rider, k12lt_rider

5. CD changer removal: k12lt_rider, abqhudson, parishollow, mneblett, mneblett

6. CD changer wiring pin-out: mneblett

7. CD player (in stingray) 'Speaker Off' feature: randy

8. Radio connectors: mneblett, mneblett

9. Radio pin-outs: mc1200lt, jzeiler

10. RDS radio features: tiedend, Niall, beemerlt, beemerlt, beemerlt, beemerlt

11. SVOL auto volume adjusting: fastpapaw

(n) Steering

1. Handlebar adjustment: VAgresti

2. Handlebar grip replacement: ChuckB, ChuckB

3. Steering damper rebuilding: motorhead

4. Steering damper seals: parishollow

(p) Suspension & Rear Wheel Drive

1. Front shock absorber removal: mneblett

2. Oil addition to rear drive: Stew

3. Shock absorber preload adjuster servicing: bmwmick, dshealey

4. Shock absorber rebuilding: HarvRead, k12steve, KennethLee, kellenbenz, dshealey

5. Types of rear drive: amarider

(q) Wheels & Tires (Tyres)

1. Bridgestone BT020 bias ply tyres (new): Zeke, beemerlt, k12lt_rider, k12lt_rider, k12lt_rider, BecketMa

2. Tyre load & speed ratings: Shogun54

3. Tyre manufacture date information: RonKMiller

4. Tyre removal techniques: CharlieVT, cyclecamper, johnrehder, kellenbenz, WMann, mmmoore, Jinks, Joey, Jinks, BigJohn, mneblett

5. Wheel & tyre balancing: dshealey, GBarnes

6. Wheel bearings replacement (front): kellenbenz, kellenbenz, kellenbenz, Dman

7. Wheel jack (front): dshealey, Buck

8. Wheel shim (rear): dshealey, beemerlt

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