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(a) Armrests & Backrests

1. GG/Wudo armrests installation: beemerlt

2. GG/Wudo backrest installation: beemerlt

(b) Auxiliary Switches

1. Phoenix installation: randy, randy, davemoore, DaveDragon

2. PIAA-Phoenix light switch substitution: Gene_Chapman

(c) Battery Chargers

1. Deltran 'Battery Tender' & BMW gel battery: ferrasr

2. Deltran 'Battery Tender' & Odyssey battery issues: tevansmd, marks146

(d) GPS

1. BMW motorcycle dealer waypoints (North America): eljeffe, black1200lt, DonArthur

2. BMW Navigator software updates: Wim, Wim, Wim

3. Compact Flash vs Microdrive memory: jpalamaro

4. Garmin 276C installation in BMW Navigator mount: black1200lt

5. Garmin remote antenna: DonArthur, danbrew1965, stefan, jim1439, car61

6. Garmin software & Apple Macs: beemerlt, eljeffe, beemerlt, beemerlt, DDW, DDW, DDW

7. Garmin software updates: k12lt_rider

8. Garmin SPIII routes (old) usage with MapSource v6: brasters

9. Garmin SPIII routing & waypoints: bmwhd, Bruce_Yates, jingolobaca, onions

10. Garmin SP2610 installation on Navigator II mount: MikeHarp, chromehead, chromehead, chromehead, chromehead

11. Garmin SP2610 mount: garry_kramer

12. MS Street & Trips route transfer to MapSource: strsout

13. Screen overlays: LeRoi

(e) Highway Pegs

1. J-Pegs installation: blouw, blouw, RaffyK

2. J-Pegs non-slip tape: DavidTaylor, mneblett

3. J-Pegs types: RaffyK

4. Preventing tip-over fairing damage from J-Pegs: pozo_izquierdo

(f) Intercom Systems

1. Autocom audio connections: beemerlt

2. Autocom audio info & pin-outs: CharlieVT

3. Autocom installation instructions: jimbeard, mneblett, beemerlt

4. Autocom modifications: CELLPHONEY, drumsbmw

5. Autocom panel mount connector: old1951, old1951, old1951

6. Autocom passive mixer: RaffyK, RaffyK

7. Autocom speaker upgrade: munson, eatanner, Shogun54, mtrevelino

8. Baehr CB alternator whine solution: pozo_izquierdo

9. BC-2 V1 hookup: randy

10. ComSystem AUX port (BMW): mneblett

11. ComSystem cables: randy, jamesgoodchild

12. ComSystem comparison (BMW): eljeffe, randy

13. ComSystem installation (J&M): mteitler, TonyM315

14. ComSystem pin removal tool (BMW): mneblett, Buck, alindsay, docwagner, docwagner, abn487

15. ComSystem (BC-3) owner's manual (BMW): BMWphreak

16. J&M headset VOICE II connector pin-outs ('05): Jay

17. Noise prevention after SPIII connection: beemerlt, budbuckwell, budbuckwell, tcuffe, tcuffe, lhendrick, beemerlt, dshealey, dshealey

18. VOICE II installation (BMW): mneblett

19. VOICE II owner's manual (BMW): beemerlt

(g) Lights

1. Headlight modulator federal law: Bayliner2052

2. HID installation ('05): pozo_izquierdo, k12lt_rider, tcuffe, mteitler, rickcavanaugh, DavidTaylor

3. HID installation: JimMc, RaffyK

4. HID temperatures: jslippert, scottydawg, dshealey, vvk, dshealey

5. "Just Bob's Running Lights" (side case) installation: brasters

6. Kisan tailBlazer: TonyM315, RaffyK

7. "Miller Mirror Housing" LED turn signals installation: RonKMiller, dshealey

8. PIAA bulb power claims: dshealey

9. "Wings of Gold" installation: rverhalen, rverhalen

(h) Miscellaneous

1. Air compressor installation: dshealey, dshealey, dshealey, dshealey, DonArthur, stupidparrot, jhowdy, pozo_izquierdo, garry_kramer, dshealey, JATownsend, mneblett

2. Auxiliary fuel tank installation: varoom, DonArthur

3. Bicycle rack installation: CELLPHONEY, CELLPHONEY, CELLPHONEY

4. Camelbak hose management: docwagner

5. Cup holder (passenger) installation: dodgeman88, saviour3302

6. Green Light Trigger: messenger13, beemerlt

7. LA Chock failure: bamalt

8. RCU shelf installation: rspyder

9. Throttle Rocker installation: CharlieVT, grifscoots, mantan

(j) Mobile Communication Systems (CB, FRS, GMRS, Ham)

1. CB plus FRS/GMRS operation with single PTT switch: motorhead

2. ICOM radio VOICE II connector pin-outs: jamesgoodchild

3. J&M mount: garry_kramer

4. Comparisons: Zotter

(k) MP3 Players

1. BlitzSafe connector: strsout, strsout, strsout, morry, HammerStar, morry, morry, mneblett, BMWphreak

2. Connection options: Bruce_Yates

3. Dension ice>Link iPod connector: herk402, mneblett, hbamford, oknplm, paulcbrowne, ErnieA, vstromboli, lovetomotor, rapz, RVB1019, BillyOmaha, messenger13, DensionUSA, jamesgoodchild

4. iPod audio books: OlsonBW

5. iPod power connection: mneblett, mneblett, mneblett, DakotaDave

6. iPod revival (after water-soaking): ttalleur

7. Soundgate docking station: djw, djw, djw, alanforn

(m) Pressure Gauges

1. SmarTire recall: pushrod, pushrod

2. SmarTire & sealant use: black1200lt

(n) Radar Detectors

1. Economy mount: CharlieVT

2. Escort pin-outs: danbrew

3. Mounting locations: dshealey, k12steve

4. Valentine 1 power connection: Rick, Rick, Rick, rneum, Rick, jsagaria, jsagaria

5. Waterproofing: dshealey, beemerlt, Steve_A

(p) Riding Gear

1. Body armour: paulcbrowne

2. BMW helmets European source: beemerlt

3. BMW System 4 disassembly: k12lt_rider

4. Heat troller: michaelacoan

(q) Satellite Radios

1. Sirius coaxial antenna cable modification: Steve_R, mneblett, dshealey, Bruce

2. Sirius mount: bmwhd

3. XM radio display cleaning: DaveDragon

4. XM radio installation (Pioneer): randy

(r) Trailers

1. DIY designs: RonKMiller, DaveDragon

2. Uni-Go installation & wiring sheets: stick

3. Uni-Go stiff U-joint: stick, bamalt, grifscoots, stick, stick

4. Uni-Go tyre life: fastpapaw, stick

5. Uni-Go tyre pressure & balancing: stick, Stew

6. Uni-Go wheel bearing replacement: Beemerider, bamalt

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