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The K1200LT is the flagship motorcycle for BMW Luxury Touring. This grand motorcycle represents the pinnacle of comfort, style, and luxury for two-up and one-up riding.
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Announced in July 2010 and available early in 2011 BMW have announced two new motorcycles based on the "Concept 6" shown in 2009. The K1600GT and K1600GTL. The GTL version offers more relaxed ergonomics and better comfort for two-up touring. These models may set the new standard in sport touring . Sponsored By: Phoneshield
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K1200/1300GT (The Next Generation)

Introduced at the Milan show in 2005 and arriving in dealer showrooms in the spring of 2006. The next generation K1200GT might be considered the best combination of sport and luxury touring.
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GS Series

Some people take the road less traveled. Then there are those that don't even need the road. The BMW GS is the standard for Adventure Touring. The BMW GS provides everything you need for that five-star on or off-road adventure. Whether you ride the latest and greatest 1200, the 1100/1150 predecessor or even an airhead, this is the spot for you.
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Other K-Bikes Discussion

The 'Flying Brick' platform has a proud history going back to 1984. From the K100 and K75 to the ground breaking K1, the K engine has provided a stable platform for serious sport and luxury touring.
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RT Series

The BMW RT combines the best of both BMW Sport and Luxury Touring. It offers comfort, style, and luxury much as the K1200LT, but in a lighter and snappier platform. Whether you ride the light and powerful 1200, its 1100/1150 predecessor or even an airhead, here is your place.
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Other R-Bike Discussion

Since 1923 the 'boxer' engine has powered the majority of BMW motorcycles. Whether it's an airhead, oilhead, or the new hexhead, this is the place to talk about it.
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All Bikes

Bike Talk

A place for general motorcycle discussion. If it's about bikes, but doesn't fit in one of the model or series specific forums below, this is the place.
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Accessories, Gadgets, and Gear

A place to discuss a wide variety of gadgets, farkles, and apparel we love to use with our motorcycles. Includes discussions of GPS Units, Satellite Radio, Intercom Systems, Radar Detectors, Apparel, Tires, and any other item BMW Luxury Touring riders use.
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Rides, Rallies and Get-togethers

Rally? Gathering? Round-up? Here's the spot to post event, the getting to, the getting back, or related news while there.
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Curve Cowboy Reunion

The latest information for the Annual Curve Cowboy Reunion - The Ultimate Luxury Touring Event of the year. For more information, please visit the CCR Website at -
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Whether you are packing a tent or pulling a trailer, this is the place to discuss the places, tools, tricks and equipment to make your next outdoor adventure more rewarding.
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Ride Tales

On a trip? Just back from a great adventure? Share your stories, pictures, and GPS routes from the road with other members of the community.
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Here is a place for discussion of the equipment you carry, techniques you use and the results you get when capturing the images, both still and motion, as you travel by motorcycle. Talk about tthat great camera or post that great image you captured while traveling by motorcycle.
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In Memoriam

We want to remember our friends who are no longer riding with us, but have gone to ride on better roads, in better weather.
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Dealer Experiences

Love your dealer! Had a bad dealer experience? Here is the place to share your good or bad experiences you have had with your BMW dealers. This is a moderated forum
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Surveys and Polls

A place for surveys and polls conducted for the community
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  • 508K Ride of the Month

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New Member Introductions

Post up and say hi to the community
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Technical Files Section

Technical Files

A place to share and access technical files (e.g. PDFs, .doc and images). Please post any questions or help requests in the respective bike forums above (e. g. K1200LT, GS) and not here.
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LT Tech

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RT Tech

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Parts and Accessories

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What are you looking for?
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Expired Ads

Expired ads are automatically moved here.
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Vendor Deals

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Supporting Vendors

Products and services, available for purchase from vendors that support the BMW Luxury Touring Community.
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Community Help Section


Announcements and News for the BMW Luxury Touring Community
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Community Help

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Test Forum

A place to test various vBulletin features, such as inline images, message formating, or anything else you might like to test.
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A place for the lighter side of Luxury Touring.
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Chit Chat

This is a forum for general, off topic discussions that do not fit in the other forums
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Regional Discussions


National news, rides, talk for riders across the United States, including our neighbors to the north and south. For regional news, rides and talk, check out the regional sub-forums
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Local news, rides, talk for riders in Canada.
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Local news, rides, talk for riders in Continental Europe, United Kingdom, and Ireland (any language).
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Australia, New Zealand, and AsiaPac

Local news, rides, talk for riders downunder in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia/Pacific region.
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  1. K1200LT
    I sure it has been discussed but could not find the answer In the posts. Does any 6 cd changer work from bmw (cars etc.) In place of the LT. Mine has to mush moisture that has gotten into it.
  2. I have noticed that there are a lot of riders that have multiple electronic gadgets / devices on their bikes and I was wondering what these gadgets may be. I have my cell phone mounted on my handlebars and I have a mount for my Go-Pro camera when I want to record my rides. My cell phone serves...
  3. I picked my new R1250RT LE yesterday and today the farkling commenced, with the following RG headlight protector Front fender extender Cable for air pump/Optimate Airvest Leash BMW oil filler cap (now on its third bike) I still have the Innovv K2 camera system from the GSA ready to fit. i...
  4. Guys Need an opinion about break light flashers. Have a 2007 LT with Led break light in the top case. I want to install a break light flasher module that will allow the top case break light to flash then go solid. Here's where your opinion comes in. I've seen a variety of modules for sale...
  5. 2017 1200RT LC Removed my GPS wiring kit today and have two plugs that I unplugged under the dash. Wondering what's the best way to get 12 volt power out of one of those plugs so I can power my phone in the area where the GPS used to live. I see that Touratech has a stock plug with a pic tail...
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