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FilesDirectory of non-image file types (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Mapsource, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Streets & Trips, etc.). Please use the Gallery to upload photos or movies.
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Technical Documents


Folder for Technical Documents. Examples include PDF, Word, or other Documents describing a particular technical issue.

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Rides, Routes, and Trip Reports


Folder for Rides, Routes, and Trip Reports. Examples include Microsoft Streets & Trips files, Garmin Mapsource Files, and PDF or Word Document Ride Reports

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Miscellaneous Files


Folder for files that do not fit into any other category

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Last additions
Special LT Tools.pdf
LT Special Tools330 viewsA collection of drawings for special tool for maintenance on the LT. For update contributions contact jzeiler.

Thanks to Scouter-50 for the drawings.
jzeilerDec 01, 2013
1986 Carrera31 viewszippy_ggNov 27, 2013
EHCS Seals Sourced.pdf
EHCS Seals Sourced282 viewsHere is a listing of all the seals for the EHCS actuator and some sources to get them from.jzeilerNov 09, 2013
Rear Drive Field Repair REV1.pdf
Rear Drive Field Repair264 viewsThis tells you how to survive a typical big bearing failure on the road with out the assistance of a dealer. A few tools and a spare big bearing and seal are all that is needed. Every town has a machine shop and that is the key to this working anywhere.jzeilerSep 20, 2013
476 viewsAdminSep 10, 2013
61 viewsAdminSep 10, 2013
46 viewsCruiser5406Aug 23, 2013
46 viewsCruiser5406Aug 23, 2013